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The days of simply listing a product on Amazon and expecting to receive significant traffic and sales are long gone. Amazon Advertising offers Vendors and Sellers a collection of data rich tools and platforms, designed to drive visibility, product rankings, customer reviews and sales.

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As a Vendor or Seller you will have access to a range of unique metrics and data points, only found within the Amazon network. Our Amazon experts can work with you across a range of 1st party and 3rd party data sources to interpret meaningful insights which can be used to influence your overall strategy. We’ll ensure you have a basic understanding of the core Amazon metrics and how best to use this to your advantage.

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When it comes to data, many brands don’t realise that Amazon holds one of the biggest and most valuable consumer retail data sets. Traditionally this data has been hard to get a hold of and where available, difficult to translate into meaningful insights. Your account structure with Amazon determines the level of data available to you.

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