Portland Pet Food Co. Case Study

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Natural pet food brand makes significant gains on Amazon

Meet the client

Portland Pet Food Company believes that you should feed your dog like you feed yourself. This is at the heart of their products which you’ll notice from their tagline “Crafted by Humans, Loved by Dogs”. Their naturally made dog meals and treats are sourced and made in the USA. The company was formed by Katie McCarron after her beloved poodle Rosie, no longer enjoyed canned food and begun to lose weight. From this the Portland Pet Food brand was born and has went from strength to strength on Amazon.

Why did Portland Pet Food Company partner with Skye High Media?

For the Portland Pet Food Company, it was important to work alongside an agency that understood the inner workings of Amazon. With great content on show, they needed a strategy that raised the awareness and profile of the brand, and drove significant traffic to their product range on Amazon.com.


Kind words from our clients...

The brief

Portland Pet Food Company needed a specialist Amazon Marketing agency to work alongside their current team of retail, ecommerce and digital specialists. Being relatively new to Amazon, they wanted to gain the trust of pet owners looking for natural, healthy based meals and treats for their furry loved ones.

The Strategy

Given that Portland Pet Food was fairly new to Amazon, Skye High Media devised a plan that would see the Sponsored Advertising programme launched in stages.

Stage 1:

Skye High Media’s initial focus was to create a solid foundation of campaigns, that would drive both awareness & sales within a 3-month period. After a thorough review of the product range, the team decided to implement a 3:1 campaign structure which involved creating an Automatic, Branded, Category and Competitor Sponsored Product campaigns. This allowed the Skye High Media team to not overspend on branded terms and gain market share through the category and competitor campaigns.

 Stage 2:

Stage two of the process involved the Skye High Media advertising team launching additional formats, that focused on users who were at the awareness and consideration stage of the buying process. Sponsored Brands was the main focus and a number of these campaigns were created to speak different audiences groups. 50% of the campaigns were linked to the Portland Pet Food Company Amazon Store with the other ads driving through to a traditional search results page.

 Stage 3:

With the main foundations now in place Skye High Media built additional campaigns across other formats including Sponsored Display Ads. The team also drafted up a number of portfolios that focused on niche audiences and events that would allow the brand to gain additional market-share.

“Portland Pet Food Company is going from strength to strength in the US on Amazon.
They have a great team that creates engaging content which we can then work hard on driving traffic to.”

Aubrey Jumao – Amazon Campaign Manager at Skye High Media

Portland Pet Food screenshot
Portland Pet Food website

The results

Increase in total sales* (2018 vs 2019)
Increase in total advertising sales* (2018 vs 2019)
Increase in average monthly impressions
Bid changes on average each month through our algorithmic bidding platform

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