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Giving People the Greens They Need

Meet the client

8Greens Founder – Dawn Russel

8Greens are a leading supplier of green foods supplements, helping their customers get their daily intake of essential greens, conveniently in the form of a tablet.

Finding herself unable to find a solution for her health issues through her doctor, 8Greens founder, Dawn Russell, on a health journey which eventually lead her to discovering the value of smart nutrition and creating the 8Greens effervescent tablet. Now she is on a mission to help all people get more greens into their diets, in a quick, easy, tasty way.


8Greens – Made From Real Greens

With Amazon US being the primary marketplace for 8Greens they were looking for a way to significantly increase their sales & awareness, and achieve an unfair market share of the effervescent vitamins category

Partnering with Skye High Media was a natural fit, utilising our team of Amazon experts in the US & European market.


Kind words from our clients...

The Brief

Having already run Amazon advertising, 8Greens needed a specialist Amazon marketing agency to deep dive into their existing data, and draw new strategies to run effective campaigns. Working alongside the 8Greens team, Skye High Media were able to set strategies based on their short & long term goals.

The Strategy

The 8Greens team know the value of data & investing in their advertising campaigns in order to drive results, and reach new markets. Considering the growth & new customer acquisition targets, Skye High media chose a multifaceted advertising strategy across the Amazon platform, aimed at reaching top of funnel all the way through to bottom of funnel and brand loyal customers.

Campaign Set-up 

To reach new customers Sponsored Brand adverts were set up, with an intent to drive customers to the 8Greens Amazon Store, and get familiar with available products, as well as the brand. To target those potential customers in the consideration phase, we set up  Sponsored Display adverts, strategically placed on competitor pages, displaying just under the ‘Add to Basket’ button. Lastly, Sponsored Products were tactically used to feature core products on page 1 search results, which typically didn’t have a page 1 organic ranking, allowing 8Greens to reach all potential customers through each stage of their buying cycle.

Keyword strategy

The Skye High Media team set up an aggressive key word strategy, targeting branded, category, competitor terms as well as creating an automated campaign to harvest any new key search terms. With a heavy focus on keywords, there was also a strong element of focus on consistently monitoring keyword performance and negating keywords that were irrelevant or under performing.

With ongoing optimisation to these campaigns we were able to achieve month on month as well as year on year growth, leading to branching out to the Amazon market in the UK as well as launching new products.


Skye High Media has been a great agency to partner with. Mark and team were able to successfully manage both our US and UK search advertising business, helping our brand scale. They proactively brought us solutions and were always just a phone call away for any of our questions.

Bryce Browning – Amazon Director 8Greens


“Bryce and the team at 8Greens were a great partner, as they understood what you have to put into ads to get the return they were looking for.”

Kathleen Foley – Client Services Manager at Skye High Media

The Results

Increase in ad sales (2019 vs 2020)
increase in year on year impressions (2019 vs 2020)
Increase in clicks (2019 vs 2020)
Launched 8Greens into the UK Marketplace

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